About the artist

A Kira Poulsen Frosch artwork is a portal into nature.

You can feel the vibrancy of the colors and the imagination taking over. You can follow the patterns as they evolve like natures fluffy patterns in the sky, or the beautiful veins in wood.

The artwork comes from a deeply meditative state of mind, and leads threats to how its all combined, for example, how stones have the same patterns, as streamlines at the ocean, or the swirling movement when one steer in a cup of coffee. Kira is deeply inspired by the moment in nature, were one feels absolutely breathtaking and at ease, like sand patterns, created by the tides, which is only there for a limited time.
In the creative process Kira creates an environment were colors and elements can express it self, like an illustration of the endless movement.
In the making of the stones. She finds colors in nature and blend all the colors in transparent glass to get the colors right.
The most artwork contains over five carefully picked and combined colors, at last she melt all the colors together and create and shape stones or other nature phenomenon’s.
"It all ends up with a manifestation off tumbled life" Says Kira.